We take the stress out of location management.

Film Liaison Company Vancouver

Digital Film Location Library

We have a comprehensive digital film location library supplying locations for filming and film support around Vancouver, BC. Download photos individually or as an album. We promote our locations and provide the information needed for stress-free filming.

Film Support Services

We are happy to discuss all your location needs and are committed to working with you to ensure that we provide the right level of service. Our professional, talented film support team have a firm handling of BC's film production culture. 

Liaison Management

We supply on-site supervision to film activity across BC to ensure the interests of the location are put first. This includes making sure that locations are preserved and environmental guidelines followed.

As the film location representatives we are the primary point of contact and liaise between the location owners and production companies.

We provide competitive location management & supervision services to many unique film locations across Greater Vancouver and BC.

We represent many unique accommodation options for cast/crew around the Vancouver area and provide film support for productions of all sizes.

Synnove Godeseth
Rachael Dudley
Senior Liaison
Sai Frame
Location Portfolio Manager

Synnove is founder and co-owner of Location Fixer and oversees the day to day running on the company. She has over 15 years locations experience in Canada and the UK across Film, TV, and advertising. Her personal experience covers an extensive range of location types including heritage, commercial and residential.

Rachael is co-owner with Synnove.  She has extensive film and television experience in both Canada and the UK.  She is our longest serving liaison and oversees filming locations in Vancouver and Squamish and all members of the team in Greater Vancouver.

Sai is our Portfolio Manager and Senior Film Liaison for our Greater Vancouver locations. With a proven track record  in commercial and corporate locations, he is a trusted liaison for our sites overseeing all aspects of filming.